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California Baby Cold and Flu Spritzer

November 9, 2010

You know the routine – get a cold, can’t breathe, rub some greasy oil with a eucalyptus smell on your chest and you’re supposed to breathe easier, right? The same had been said for kids, too, until there was suddenly an advisory by the FDA about using cough and cold products for children under the age of 2.  So, if you’ve got to be uber careful about what you use on your kids, or if you want to be uber careful about what you use on yourself, too, what to do? A few sprays in the air from California Baby Colds & Flu Aromatherapy Spritzer can ease your mind and clear your airways for gentle and natual relief from nasal stuffiness.

The California Baby Colds & Flu Aromatherapy Spritzer is just one product in the company’s line of Colds & Flu products, including a bubble bath, massage oil and essential oil blend. But this one product is so easy to use that it might be among your favorites.  Just simply spray in the air, spray on bedding and spray on your child’s chest, back and legs (or yours, too!) for the naturally healing properties of real Douglas fir and eucalyptus.  It’s like rubbing on the chest cream stuff, only without the greasy residue and certainly without the petrochemical products.

If you’re looking for natural ways to relieve a cold or deal with flu-like symptoms, the healing powers of aromatherapy might be the relief for you. One sniff of this pleasing aromatherapy spritzer reminds you of the healing properties of those old-fashioned chemical laden chest rubs – but in today’s modern times, a spritzer full of natural ingredients is where it’s at! :)

Why It’s Better For Your Health:  California Baby Cold and Flu Spritzer doesn’t use any chemicals that will tax your already overworked body when trying to fight off a cold or flu. With organic rosewater and Douglas fir essential oils, these all natural ingredients use the healing power of plants to work with your body to heal.  Many chest rubs use petrolatum – derived from petroleum or oil – as a carrier.  Hmmmm…..

Why It’s Better For the Earth:  Using organic ingredients, California Baby Cold & Flu Spritzer encourages farmers to ditch the pesticides and use more natural ways of growing, which helps everyone.  And not using petroleum-derived products just simply reduces the need for that much more oil.

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