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Mrs. Jones Soapbox Green Cleaning Products

September 16, 2010

Most green cleaners come packaged in boring bottles festooned with leaves and trees and looking, well, a little bit….crunchy. Mrs. Jones Soapbox is NOT that type of green cleaner.

Mrs. Jones Soapbox is the brainchild of Jamie Jones, a hip young woman who combined her flair for design with her long time passion for green cleaning and came up with a chic product that lets you clean in a non-toxic way – and still be proud to show off the bottles in your home.

Jamie started green cleaning in college, of all places! Armed with homemade recipes for non-toxic and chemical free cleaners, she soon started to develop a passion for protecting the earth. While life took a different direction after she graduated college, Jamie soon came back to the idea of the importance of eco-friendly green cleaning when she happend to stumble upon her homemade recipes while going through a box and Mrs. Jones Soapbox was born.

Mrs. Jones Soapbox’s product line consists of six cleaners that pretty much can clean your entire house:

  • Clean - the all purpose cleaning spray
  • Sparkle – the glass, granite and stainless steel cleaner 
  • Shine – the wood and furniture polish
  • Scrub – the soft scrub cleaner
  • Soapy – the concentrated, all purpose solution
  • Laundry Detergent and fabric softener all in one

I tried out Clean, which has a wonderful citrus scent and really does remove dried up food and grease; as well as Scrub, which smells like almonds and is so light and fluffy it reminds me of wedding cake frosting! Scrub is one of the best things we have used in getting our tub clean, even more so than nasty chemical-based cleaning products.

The cleaning products are made with all natural ingredients – many of them food based! You can check out the exact ingredients online to know exactly what you’re exposing yourself to while cleaning.

You also get a choice of glass or plastic packaging (the plastic packaging is in reused plastic bottles).

What I really like is the fact that the bottles come with fun and funky labels to let your personality shine through! Choose animal prints or colorful retro graphics or even coordinate with the seasons. (There’s the possibility of custom designs, too, contact her for details. This would be great for businesses and organizations!) And the small chalkboard labels on the back of the bottles that you can write on is just ingenious!

I appreciate the thought and process that goes into Mrs. Jones Soapbox products. You can tell that these products have been made in small batches and just seem to have a personal touch! This is a local company for me (based in Orlando), and I’m proud to support it. If you’re looking for fun ways to live healthier and greener but don’t want to give up your sense of style to do it, then I suggest checking out Mrs. Jones Soapbox.

Why It’s Better For Your Health:  Mrs. Jones Soapbox products are made from simple, all natural ingredients. Many of the ingredients are food based, which means they’re safe for you, your kids and your pets to be exposed to. Those ingredients that aren’t food based are made from all natural ingredients such as castile soap and essential oils. You don’t have to worry about inhaling fumes or chemicals of any kind.

Why It’s Better For the Earth:  All natural ingredients are gentler on the earth and won’t pollute waterways with synthetic chemicals.

Mrs. Jones Soapbox uses recycled plastic bottles, giving one more use to the plastic before recycling it, which is a good thing. Products can also be purchased in glass bottles, which are easily recyclable.

Disclaimer: Mrs. Jones Soapbox was gracious enough to help support the operating costs of through a sponsorship.

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