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Coco-Zen Chocolates

May 14, 2010

I firmly believe that a little chocolate is good for you – in more ways than one.  And the better the chocolate – both in taste, ingredients and it’s impact on the environment – the better for you!  So it’s exciting to know about Coco-Zen Chocolates, a tiny little chocolate company making small chocolate truffles that have a big impact on the world and in your health.

Most notably, Coco-Zen uses only organic and Fair Trade chocolates. This is huge, since there’s such a problem with child slave labor harvesting cocoa beans.  Fair Trade means that a farmer was paid a decent wage for their work and organic anything is great, especially organic chocolate.

But onto how they taste.  Absolutely superb!  I received a couple of the miniature Truffles-To-Go tins when I was researching eco-friendly wedding favors for my May 11 appearance on Daytime. The Truffles To Go tins hold four truffles (one of each of Coco-Zen’s signature flavors), and come in a reusable metal tin that can be personalized with a monogram or other customized label for weddings, showers or any other party event. 

The truffles are so rich and full of flavor!  These tiny little bits of chocolate really pack a punch!  It’s a dark chocolate that’s obviously super high in cacoa, but each one had a little distinctly different taste with other flavorings.  A true treat for a chocolate lover.

The truffles come in four flavors:

  • Chocolate Chai Spice
  • Chocolate Mint Bliss
  • Chocolate Orange Blossom
  • Dark Chocolate

Coco-Zen’s edible chocolates come in party sizes, everyday sizes and bulk orders – can you imagine a dark, rich chocolate truffle the size of a golf ball?!? And you can even order vegan chocolates.

Coco-Zen’s organic and fair trade chocolates are truly a decadent treat – both for body and soul.

Why It’s Better For Your Health:  Organic ingredients mean less chemicals on the food products you eat. And dark chocolates with higher cacoa contents are richer in antioxidants and flavanoids that are good for you (in moderation, of course).

Why It’s Better For the Earth: Using ingredients from organic and Fair Trade farmers, Coco-Zen financially supports farmers who choose to use less chemicals that would otherwise pollute the Earth and to support farmers to make a fair wage which in turn supports the entire community.

Coco-Zen is an environmentally responsible company, using renewable energy, reusable packaging and joining forces with other green organizations that encourage eco-friendly business practices and supporting those in need.

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