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Organic Chocolate Lip Balm

April 24, 2010

Like the taste of chocolate, but don’ t want the calories from eating it all day?  Then check out Eco Lips’ new line of organic lip balms made with REAL organic cocoa powder.

Eco Lips has partnered up with Dagoba Organic Chocolate to produce three lip balms made with organic cocoa powder based on the flavors of three of Dagoba’s organic chocolate bars :

  • Roseberry – a combination of raspberries, rosehips and dark chocolate
  • Mint – Mint oil, rosemary and dark chocolate
  • Lavender – lavender, blueberries and dark chocolate

The lip balms are USDA certified organic and made with all natural ingredients.  These aren’t just artificial flavors, folks, these are the real things – real chocolate in your lip balm!

I tried the Lavender lip balm.  It’s a really pleasant taste that first tastes like chocolate, and then you taste the subtle hints of lavender and blueberry.  It sounds a little different, but the flavor combos really work.  It makes me want to go out and buy a Dagoba chocolate bar in that flavor, since the lip balm tastes so good!

I’m no stranger to Eco Lips’ products.  I’ve written about their kid-safe lip balm safe enough to eat and Eco Lips’ lip balms with just a hint of color. Now I’m adding this product line to the list of all natural, organic lip balms that truly do work and that I highly recommend!

Why It’s Better For Your HealthEco Lips Dagoba Organic Chocolate Lip Balms are USDA Certified Organic. Since the average woman will end up consuming 4-6 pounds of lip products in her lifetime, would you rather be accidentally ingesting organic sunflower oil and beeswax, or petroleum byproducts such as petrolatum?

Eco Lips’ Lip Balms have no synthetic additives, colors, fragrances or dyes that could end up irritating your lips, making them even drier and more chapped than before.

Why It’s Better For the EarthEco Lips lip balms are made with simple, renewable resources.  The petroleum byproducts used in most other lip balms, which are some of the leftovers after gasoline production, are not readily renewable.

Cruelty Free.

Eco Lips headquarters in Iowa are solar powered, the largest solar power project in the state. Purchasing Eco Lips products means you are supporting a small company that is truly committed to creating a more eco-friendly product, both through their processing and the ingredients that are used.

Dagoba uses organic chocolates, such as the Dagoba organic cacoa powder found in the lip balms, and works to properly support the farmers and eco-systems that grow chocolate.  There are many issues regarding chocolate, including child slave labor and devestation of the rainforest, so it’s important to support the companies that purchase cocoa that offers farmers a fair wage and doesn’t destroy the eco-system.

Disclosure: I was give a tube of Eco Lips’ Dagoba Organic Chocolate Lip Balm by the company to review

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